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First Woman To Win Race Across America – Leah Goldstein

By Leah Goldstein on June 28, 2021 in Inspiration, Racing, Uncategorized

Canadian Cyclist Becomes First Woman Ever to Win Race Across America

At 52 years old, on her 3rd RAAM ride; Leah Goldstein is the first women to win Race Across America. Never in the 39 year history of the legendary, gruelling 3000 mile cycling race has it ever happened that a woman has won the solo division.

It was the late evening of June 26th, 2021.

Solo cyclist Leah Goldstein was pushing her bike. She was less than 3 miles from the opportunity to win Race Across America; just 5 kilometers from perhaps the most important finish line in her storied career. But she just couldn’t turn the pedals anymore. So, she did what any head-strong, tough-as-nails competitor would do. She started walking. During the previous 10+ days, she rode that bike through 120-degree deserts, over 100,000 feet of climbing, through lightning storms and against prairie winds. She rode so well in fact, she stayed at or near the front the entire 3,050 miles.

Race Across America is Widely touted as the toughest race in the world.

RAAM 2020

Photo Credit: Vic Armajo Raam Media

Cyclists must cross the United States in a maximum of 13 days (12 for men). There are no rules on how much athletes must stop or sleep, so solo riders often spend 21 hours or more in the saddle each day. This is the mental and physical strength it takes to win Race Across America. Crews provide support along the way – handing out food, drinks, medical care and navigation. In a typical year, 25-35% of the solo field drops out. But not this year. With punishing temperatures that reached over 130 on the asphalt, the RAAM solo riders seemed to drop like flies.

“I’ve never experienced heat like that,” said Leah after the race.

“My back burned even through my jersey! Thankfully I had an experienced crew that worked really hard to keep me moving forward.” Each stage of RAAM presents challenges, and Leah seemed to just keep persevering. Sleep deprivation, saddle sores, swollen limbs, blisters, and more are just part of the game. “I don’t really ever consider quitting as an option. I just try to focus on what I can do at any given moment, and sometimes that is just keep pedalling.”

win race across america

The the worst thing happens only miles from the finish line.

Goldstein led the race on and off until Pennsylvania, when her closest competitor dropped out. She rode hard toward the finish, excited to be the first woman to ever win Race Across America. But just a few miles from the finish, she started experiencing a rapid heart rate and dizziness. “I had to keep laying down in the grass.

My crew was really concerned and considered calling an ambulance. But I just had to finish. I felt too wobbly to control my bike, so what else could I do? I started walking.” Within a few hundred meters of the finish line, her heart rate calmed down and she was able to coast across the line to the hoots and cheers from the crowd.


“The finish line was just incredible,” touted Goldstein about the ceremonial finish at the Annapolis City Dock. “So many people came out to witness it – Mom’s brought their daughters, and everyone wanted photos. It was really special.” The next day, Goldstein went back to the finish line to congratulate the only other two finishers of the year. “It was great to swap stories and give kudos to those guys as well. Anyone who survived this year is a champion in my book.” When asked how it felt to make history, Goldstein shrugged it off. “RAAM is a beast. And each year, it’s a new monster. This year, I was able to slay the dragon.”




Leah Goldstein is an internationally sought-after speaker. She is a World Champion Kickboxer, Israeli Undercover Police Officer, National Cycling Champion, record holder of multiple ultra-distance cycling races, 1st woman in history to win the gruelling 3000 mile Race Across America and all-around crazy person. Leah’s memoir, “No Limits” is available now at and all online retailers.

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Leah Goldstein is a stunning example of living a life without limits. By age 17, she was the World Kickboxing Champion. Shortly thereafter, Leah enlisted in the Israeli Military and became one of the few female instructors of the elite Commando division. Leah then transitioned into a special-forces unit, combating terrorism and violent crimes. The extreme lifestyle of the secret police eventually took its toll, and she found her salvation on a bicycle. Leah Goldstein is a former professional cyclist, a personal trainer and motivational speaker currently residing in British Columbia, Canada. She battled through a 10-year career as a professional cyclist – and eventually to the longest single stage race in the world, Race Across America. Leah retired from thirteen years on the pro road race circuit in the spring of 2010, following an accident in which she broke both of her arms, and is now concentrating on ultra endurance racing. She recently participated in the 30th anniversary of the 2011 Race Across America, known as “the World’s Toughest Bicycle Race,”winning Best Overall Female, Best in Age Group, Queen of the Mountains, Queen of the Prairies, and Rookie of the Year, despite suffering from Shermer’s Neck after Day 4. On the evening June 26th,2021 Leah Goldstein made history. At 52 years old, Leah became the 1st female ever to WIN the overall SOLO division of the gruelling Race Across America in its 39 year history. From crashes to podiums, and fear to triumph – Leah Goldstein’s story gives us a glimpse of what’s truly possible from a life without limits.


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