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What happens when a young girl doesn’t believe in limitations? What is possible when her dreams resonate at such a frequency, that they force themselves into reality? Practically anything, as proven by Leah Goldstein’s stunning example of an unbounded life.

By age 17, Leah Goldstein was the World Kickboxing Champion. Shortly thereafter, she enlisted in the Israeli Military and became one of the few female instructors of the elite Commando division, specializing in Krav Maga. Leah then transitioned into a Special Forces unit, combating terrorism and violent crime. The extreme lifestyle of the secret police eventually took its toll, and she found her salvation on a bicycle.

She convinced Israel to release her, as she pursued a brilliant 10-year career as a professional cyclist in Europe and North America – and eventually to the longest single stage race in the world, Race Across America. From crashes to podiums, and fear to triumph – Leah’s story gives us a glimpse of what’s truly possible from a life without limits.

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“I always knew Leah Goldstein was hardcore but this book takes any notion I had to a whole other level. This is an incredible story of a life lived from the heart of a champion. Leah shows that nothing is impossible and I just cannot believe she is real. If you want to be inspired and realize there is nothing standing between you and your dreams, read this book.”  ~  Clara Hughes, O.C. 6-Time Olympic Medalist

Clara Hughes
Dee Wallace Testimonial

“Leah Goldstein’s NoLimits is a remarkable journey in saying yes to life! It is moving and life-affirming, and gave me great insight into saying yes to myself! I highly recommend this inspirational read. ” ~ Dee Wallace American actress and scream queen.

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