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Changed On So Many Levels – A No Limits Testimonial

By Leah Goldstein on July 23, 2015 in Inspiration, Uncategorized

We were so touched by this email entitled “Changed On So Many Levels”, that we received from our friend  T. Scott Boyd this week, we just had to share it.


I just wanted to send you a note to say congratulations on the book and what a great job you did.
I’m currently camping down the Oregon Coast with my family and packed “No Limits” to occupy me when I wasn’t playing with the family. The strangest thing happened. No Limits crept welcomingly into ‎our trip, started by reading on the weekend before we slept and and my 8 year old daughter (Kate) asked me what I was reading while she read “Minions, Who’s the Boss?” 

I explained to her who you both were and how I knew each of you she thought that was interesting. Next she asked if I would read it out loud for her and she listened very intently‎ and with a number of questions as we went along. In the morning I was reading quietly having a coffee in the sunshine and Kate imerged from the trailer, made a beeline for me and asked me to continue reading the story about the “super cool tough fighter girl” (She joined in during chapter 3!), so I continued reading to her.
Since then, I have now finished the book and found so many great messages that I now play through my head as I run the amazing coastline in front of Nahalem Bay State Park‎ each morning. I find great strength in these messages as I work toward my personal goals of fitness and and self disipline that I will use for many years.
When I started the book I had no doubt, based on the wisdom and knowledge you have provided me in the past, that I would find greater gifts to inspire me and fuel the fire with your new words, which I did. What I didn’t foresee was the sparkle in the ey‎e of an eight year old girl who craved to hear more about a girl who set goals, worked hard and won! (she also wanted to know if Leah rode horses and when I said I didn’t know, she asked if she liked horses? She’s eight and really likes horses!)
You have potentially inspired an eight year old girl with the idea that all is possible and for our Kate this is very much a needed thing! ‎I will continue to use your words to help encourage Kate to be awesome like Tough Fighter Girl.
changed no limits
We have spent a lot of our family trip talking about your message and the absolute value it has on so many levels. Thank you for putting your story to paper and sharing with the rest of us to make positive changes in our lives. This is an amazing thing you have done together and you should be very proud of all of your collective accomplishments.
Lastly, I need another copy of the book for two reasons! One, I would love to have a signed copy by both of you and two…while in Cannon Beach on Tuesday the tide caught me off guard and the book got a little, OK, a lot wet and is twice it’s normal size! The last few chapters were touch and go and tad soggy still, but did not affect to message!
I hope all is well on your end and I’m looking forward to seeing you both soon.


T. Scott Boyd


Leah GoldsteinLeah Goldstein is an internationally sought-after speaker. She is a World Champion Kickboxer, Israeli Undercover Police Officer, National Cycling Champion, record holder of multiple ultra-distance cycling races and all-around crazy person. Leah’s memoir, “No Limits” is available now at www.nofinishlineliving.com and all online retailers.











Lori Moger profileLori Friend Moger, M.Sc. is a writer, speaker and Kinesiologist. She is co-founder (with Leah) of No Finish Line Living, a wellness company providing keynotes, seminars and retreats with the sole purpose of pushing people into their best lives possible. She is considerably less crazy. For more information, visit us at www.nofinishlineliving.com and our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/leahgoldstein1 .


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